Friday, April 2, 2010

BMW 135i Coupe

BMW 135i Coup� takes the large guns at Australian large Prix

BMW announced 135i Coup� is placed to take the muscle of the park of Albert with 2009 of this Australian large Prix year.

A 135i particularly equipped Cut, supporting the famous stable of tii and comprising the speed of execution of BMW, will take part in the final comparison speed.

A race between V8 Supercar, car and road entirely prepared BMW going 135i Cut formula 1 of BMW Sauber, the final comparison speed is a favourite of crowd which wells three forms of high efficiency to circulate in the car ones against the others in a race of one covering to the finishing line.

The final comparison speed is held with five occasions separated during the weekend from race. The event is run with a synchronized handicap, giving to each car a chance to take the line honors.

BMW 135i Coup� is equipped with a certain number of levellings of execution and beauty product of the stable of execution of BMW, which are re-elected for a range of the exclusive and dynamic accessories of sports.

An aerodynamic package of full execution of BMW, installation of suspension of possession of road, cross drilled and of the light-alloy wheels of. of package of brake of saving of weight and execution 18 of BMW are adapted to the car.

The covers of carbon fibre mirror and the carbon fibre look at the cap with the integrated roof and initialize lines of sports, others accentuate the sporting character of this single vehicle.

The 135i Coup� supports transfers of tii of `before and back accentuating the fascination of the motorsport and the heritage of the mark of BMW.

Inspired by the famous model of BMW 02 presented in 1966, which in its time was recognized as �pitom� of the supreme agility and the enthralling drive, BMW 135i is also distinguished by its compact dimensions, low weight and before-back perfect balance.

A powerful twin engine the turbo one of 6 cylinders, producing of 225 kilowatts makes sure that the car can reach 100km/h as Juste 5.3 seconds. High speed is electronically limited to 250km/h.

The pilot for BMW 135i with the final comparison of this year speed will circulate in the car the journalist Paul Gover, who took BMW Mr. Coup� by his steps with the event of last year.

Christian Klien will be with the bar of the racing racing car of BMW Sauber F1, whereas Greg Murphy takes two BMW in its V8 Supercar.

BMW took part in the final comparison speed since its beginning.

BMW is happy to support this fantastic spectacle,� known as the noble one of Tom, sale managing director, BMW group Australia.

The final comparison speed proved to be a particularly popular segment on the large program of Price and incarnates perfectly the `the final driving complaint of Machine,� it says.

With its short duration on the market, BMW 135i Coup� claimed a certain number of coveted rewards, such as the car of 2008 drives of the year (the best sport scar more than $60.000) and cars of Australia of best, the best sport scar 2008 taking the tastes of many vehicles exotic of sports of high efficiency.

With the difference of the F1 car or V8 Supercar, the Australian ones can buy BMW 135i including/understanding the parts of execution of BMW adapted.

A complete chain of the components of execution of BMW is available exclusively by the network of merchant of BMW.

All the components of execution of BMW reflect the mark of BMW in their technology, design, quality and safety.